After fifty long years,Tito,Aqua,and Pricella have finally
returned to the magical nation of Memoria.
Moments after their arrival,they are reunited with their
childhood friend,Glinne.However,that reunion is cut short by a
ruthless ambush conspired by one of the Thirty Fingers of the
Goddess -Mapleson.
With strength,cunning,and impeccable teamwork,T.A.P and
their companions successfully thwart the plans of this fearless
foe.However,there is little time for celebration,as they soon
find out that Adallapata and an entourage of mysterious and
deadly magicians have also set foot into the kingdom.

Can T.A.P safely make their way to
Memoria castle where King Bharet has
begun the preparations for an
extravagant welcome?And what awaits
our heroes when they arrive?