After enduring a glueling test of strength and loyalty,Tito
is once again united with his long-time friend,Bharet.
While many moons have passed since there last meeting,the
bonds between T.A.P and the king remains as strong as the day
they were conceived.However,the joy of the moment is cut
short when Prince Glinne is informed of his mother's passing,and
he is left to mourn the loss in the shadow of the queen's grave.

Outside the castle,the kingdom is busy preparing the Mystic
Festa--an annual competition that pits the skills of contestants
from around the world in a winner-takes-all extravaganza.But
little does the city know that behind the banter and excitement of
the celebration lurks an evil unimaginable.That
evil's name is Yoma--knouw by many as
one of the Thirty Fingers of the
Goddess...known by all as the massenger
of death...