To unlock a potent magic of legend,eighteen of the
world's most powerful warriors have converged on
Memoria to take part in the extravaganza known as the
Grand Pentacle.The first match pits the strength and wits of
Mikaze,Eiki,andHildmarlo.Using the Staff of Omnitude,a
technique taught to him by Shihime,the mysterious beast who
dwells within his enchanted mask,Mikaze succeeds in neutralizing
Eiki's magic.However,MP is not the only trick Eiki has up his
The second match features Zeal Boy versus Mertina versus
Sharock.To overcome Mertina's overwhelming attack,Meteon,
Zeal Boy hurries to complete the Manasynth Strike using only his
left arm.And all the while,Sharlock is...
Finally,in the festivities' shadows,the Dark Ripper continues to
wreak havoc on the kingdom,claiming yet another victim while
the authorities rush to bring the killer's true
identity to light...

Who will emerge victor in this ultimate
quest for a fabled sword and the power
that slumbers within its blade?